With a 100-year heritage in concrete construction, Christman Constructors, Inc. (CCI) is considered a premiere concrete contractor in Michigan and beyond. From heavy industrial to light commercial, CCI’s expertise in structural concrete, flatwork placement and finish are second to none. As owners of much of the major equipment required to get the job done, CCI is capable of handling a project of any size with ease.

Cast-in-Place Concrete Foundations, Walls and Slabs

CCI’s extensive cast-in-place concrete experience has been built by a team of experts that is always ready to tackle challenging projects. From cold weather concrete to mass concrete, we are leaders in the industry. Our foremen and tradesmen and women work safely and efficiently to meet all quality and schedule requirements for every project. 

Concrete Pumping

With in-house concrete pumping capabilities, CCI has greater flexibility on each project. Our expertise in completing difficult logistical pours that require extensive planning, expertise and communication has allowed CCI to extend its reach and excel in the industry, providing the full package for clients and partners.

Formwork and Shoring

Our skilled carpenter crews and layout engineers provide us with the expertise to form a variety of challenging cast-in-place concrete projects. The team’s vast knowledge of concrete forming systems, with experience in standard wood forms as well as pre-engineered formwork systems and shoring systems, supports our ability to handle any type of formwork requirement. CCI also actively participates in the American Concrete Institute’s Committee 347 – Formwork for Concrete.

As formwork has the potential to be a hazardous activity, CCI experts take the necessary time in pre-task planning to ensure that the work is completely safely, taking into account the safety of every worker on the construction site as well as any neighbors to the site. Our foremen have completed extensive safety training for every type of formwork, and our top priority is to provide the safest and most efficient cast-in-place concrete work possible. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Cast-in-Place Concrete Foundations
  • Cast-in-Place Walls
  • Cast-in-Place Columns and Structural Slab
  • Slab on Metal Deck
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Mass Concrete
  • Cold Weather Concrete