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Restoration of an existing concrete structure may provide the most economical solution to repair the effects of many years of service or make a facility compliant with existing code. Current technologies and repair techniques enable the end-user to achieve high quality finishes and original structural service loads without the need to demolish or take structures out of service.  Christman Constructors, Inc.'s (CCI) expertise with the installation of the elements of concrete structures enables our team to provide the most creative and cost effective solutions for the restoration of concrete.  

Our team emphasizes the importance of mitigating the impact of construction activities on fully functioning facilities by coordinating work activities with client production operations, traffic routing, sound and dust control, and shift work that minimizes the impact of our construction operations. Our services may include the use of consulting engineers that are best suited for structural repairs specific to the needs of the project.

CCI's recent experience includes concrete restoration of parking structures, commercial buildings, wastewater, industrial facilities, and power distribution facilities.